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Anonymous sent: may i ask if there is any uncensored version of the untitled song part 1 by jyj?

There isn’t. The version that was released is the only one that exists.

Anonymous sent: How did Jaejoong become a Christian?

Supposedly Junsu converted him

guild12 sent: Regarding DB5K's ranking on the official fancafe, why do you think that ranking is? I mean generally when looking at popularity ranking, you can usually tell who's going to be on what rank. But with TVXQ, namely Yunho, I'm just confused as to why it is that he is so low. He seems really popular, especially live, and he is the best looking member next to JaeJoong. He seems to have everything. Good looks, nice body, seemingly flawless persona, gushing sex appeal, morals, kindness, and soul. Expln?

The main fancafe for TVXQ (Yuaerubi) isn’t official. SM artists have fanclubs that are established and hosted on the smtown website, so anything on Daum or Naver is run by fans.

Taking that into account, the popularity rankings are kind of unreliable at best. Places like Daum Cafes tend to be populated by a younger crowd (teens to mid-20s) and Yunho has historically been more popular with the older crowd (30s to mid-40s) due in large part to the very qualities you listed.

There’s also the fact that there are multiple cafes for each member/incarnation of the group and some have different standards to join. Yuaerubi is officially OT5 only, so the rankings there would be different than they would be at a HoMin only cafe or even at a different OT5 one with joining restrictions (such as age).

Also keep in mind that those rankings are a few years old now and haven’t been updated to make up for activities since maybe 2012? So they could be completely changed up by now.

yellowchocolatecat sent: Hello! I've been wondering from what show does this come from when changmin doing aegyo. bcos I can't send you the link, please check my post (reblog) with changmin's screencap set (not the gif one). I'm dead curious haha, thank you!!

It’s from their SBS Gag Concert from 2008. They appeared for a short segment and you can watch it subbed [here] (apologies for the quality!).

Anonymous sent: Is Something available for presale? I can't find it anywhere. And just to make sure, which are the places that will count for the music shows?

Not yet! 

The sites that I know of that count towards the Hanteo charts are yesasia, dvdheaven, kpoptown, and kpopmart.

ETA: Pre-orders are now open on yesasia (color randomly chosen), kpoptown (can choose between black and red), and kpopmart (can choose between black and red).

Anonymous sent: Do you know when will TVXQ's time tour DVD will be released in Korea? last year when TVXQ released their tone tour dvd in Japan they waited for two weeks only before releasing it in Korea this time it's taking forever.. any idea?

Hmm I’m not sure! If you’re looking for a version-free DVD, the blu-ray version was released on December 18th and can be bought on cdjapan. But I haven’t come across any news of when it will be released in Korea.

Anonymous sent: what happened to Catch Me World Tour? no dvd no ending no encore? did it finish or not yet?

TVXQ completed their world tour with their last stop in Shanghai on July 20.

They will be releasing a documentary DVD of their tour on December 27th, called TVXQ! Catch Me- Production Note. It was already available for purchase by fans who attended their Time Slip concert on the 26th. 

This is a two-part DVD that includes their Catch Me album preparation, comeback stages, their world tour performance in Seoul, their SMTOWN live world tour performances in Bangkok and Singapore, behind the scenes of their MV, and member interviews.

The DVD is available for purchase on yesasia, kpoptown, ebay, and cdjapan, among other online stores.

Anonymous sent: What day will Something be released?

If SME follows suit with their previous releases, the MV probably will be released on the same day as the album, January 6. 

Here are the comeback stages for Tense:

Anonymous sent: why did jaejoong leave cojjee??

As far as I know, nobody is sure! I assume it may have had to do with the fact that his other investor is buying the salon that shares the building and he bought Jaejoong out of his shares in order to have full control of the business? Or Jaejoong could have left simply because he wanted to establish a new cafe brand on his own. 

Your guess is as good as mine!

Anonymous sent: Recently Chang Min is acting soooo cute! I wonder is he somehow in love? XD

haha it certainly seems like it!

Anonymous sent: Hallyu dream concert already passed, but i didn't saw any Red ocean photos for the night, do you have any?

If there was an actual ocean then I couldn’t find any photos of it, either. But there were a few red lightsticks: [x] [x] [x]

Anonymous sent: What European and/or American singers/idols/bands do the DBSK members like?
Here are a few that they’ve mentioned in the past:
Anonymous sent: Who were the most popular member in TVXQ pre-split and what about now?

Pre-split during their peak (2009), according to their official fan cafe numbers [daum/naver]:

  1. Junsu/Yoochun
  2. Jaejoong
  3. Yunho
  4. Changmin

There have also been several other sizable fancafes crop up over the years (not to mention the thousands of unaccounted fans who aren’t official members of any fancafe). So take the order above with a grain of salt.

Ordering them by popularity post-split is even harder to fully back up due to an increasing number of international fans. Their rankings are also dependent on the region you take into account (i.e. Jaejoong would rank first in Japan while Junsu would do the same in Korea, and Yoochun is generally the most popular in South American countries). But overall, I’d still say their popularity ranking is the about the same as it was pre-split.

Anonymous sent: Which members do/used to smoke? When did they quit (and why if you know). This blog is amazing btw.

Thank you!! ^^

Currently, the only members who smoke are Jaejoong, Yunho, and Yoochun. Changmin did briefly in 2010 before quitting and Junsu has never.

Yoochun has quit about three times that I know of—once predebut at SME’s request, again a few years into debut, and again a few years after that. 

Yunho has smoked off and on since before he debuted, so he’s quit a bunch of times. I don’t know that he’s as addicted to it as Yoochun seems to be, and he seems to be more of a stress-smoker since most of the times he’s started has been around the beginning of Korean promotions. 

Jaejoong, to my knowledge, has never quit and is more of a recreational smoker.

Changmin quit towards the middle/end of 2010, most likely out of concern for his health (whereas Yunho and Yoochun we likely because of their voices/physical condition).

Anonymous sent: In the song 'Just the Two of Us ft Tohoshinki' Yoochun sang the english part right? Could you temme who sang the japanese part(similar as yoochuns) Was it changmin?

I’ve been listening to this part a dozen times and I’m not entirely sure, honestly. The first stanza and parts of the second sound like Changmin but most people hear Junsu.